Paco Márquez


fire cruel make believe president’s guts in a cup of fog your line on the life bird screech Francisco San Pedro dam bat sparks sanguine cypress down your block black mind skull glow oh so slow teeth clasp eyelids snap violet nails life bank ice eyes ferns float Gold vomit tear popsicle angel beast twisted horn love invincible wonder woman death bow plunge high fist calm seek mist jaguar dance chess king dice roll rock plop ghost holy redwoods ring eye sky spine strike tendon splinter frog mask cabra cobre firefly DNA coral cut doll awakens corn maze sockets empty music rain bone coins soul salt

Paco Márquez is a poet based out of Manhattan, author of the chapbook Portraits in G Minor (Folded Word Press, 2017). His poems haven been published by Fence, Apogee, Live Mag! and Huizache, among others. Originally from León, México, Paco has spent most of his life in Sacramento and the San Francisco Bay Area.