Allan Kaplan

Popeye's Off Spinach

One barbell and all a them
bottles ya see ’specially
the Mega make cudgels
a me arms.

As I asked me pal,
“Wimpy, how are them
flappy arms a yours
gonna knock
any heavies out a are way?

Ya needs those nutrients.
A big salad won’t give
ya madness and faith.”

Any Which Way

N “If my talented wife my schoolyard hoops my 401K my hay fever is only a dream why don’t you wake me up?” “I’m trying.” W E “Take off your clothes. Who’s that “She’s with me. Oh, she’s hot!” “Wow!” in the mirror?” “A lonely stranger.” “She’s gone. She was so hot.” “I’m sorry.” “Give him a hug. Take him home. “She’s back. I’m burned out!” “I love a farce.” S “Bad would just stop stealing if Bad would only look to our sweet Good.” “Too late. Bad’s hooked on Blood.”

Two books: Paper Airplane (Harper & Row) Like One of Us (Untitled); appeared in journals of various persuasions over the years; i.e. Poetry, Paris Review, Iowa Review, New American Review, Quarterly Review of Literature, Washington Square Review, Barrow Street, Pedestal, Wind, Perfumed River, Gulf Stream, Live Mag! Nimrod, Hanging Loose, Antioch Review