Kevin Opstedal


A drive up the coast behind the wheel of an awkward silence doesn’t allow for the heavy ordinance nor the charming way the woman beside you bites her lips when you speed-shift around those blind curves singing off-key The doctor says it’s bad for my thermostat but I say it isn’t the song so much as how you sing it Pomp & circumstantial evidence racing past the Department of Planned Obsolescence & less than a mile from there it all turns to glass which shatters when you hit the high notes


Love’s Apparition & Evanishment I thought it was seawater dripping into my ear but it was only the ocean fog tapping at the window Torquing the Lyric Vibe Splash of sunrise deep purple into razor pink robbing the shadow of a liquor store w/a squirt gun & you were there pretending you weren’t as the hinges fell off the door to my heart A Date w/Gravity Sometimes you’re like a balcony I can leap from other times you’re like a glass of water I’m diving into from an impossible height


Spinning the Wheel of Outrageous Fortune beneath a bubble-wrapped sky worth its weight in silver spoons Sunbleached Chrome & I Told You So A cool breeze kicks sand across the sidewalk like a ghost mule dragging The Cantos 70 foggy miles up the coast The Sound of Waves Breaking to Exonerate the Sacred Pyramids & Taco Stands highlighted on the chemical map along w/me & you & Blind Willie McTell A Rendering Unencumbered by Sobriety carefully set at a certain angle slant among bird shadows in the cypress Winner Winner Chicken Dinner It’s 10 minutes to sunset the burnt pink & turquoise sky is turning somersaults & you’re easily dazzled

Kevin Opstedal has written over 30 books of poetry including Pacific Standard Time: New and Selected Poems (Ugly Duckling Presse, 2016). He is also the editor and publisher of Blue Press Books, and has written a literary history of the poets who lived in Bolinas 1968-1980 which was published online by Big Bridge