Basil King


My PYRAMID I built the Pyramids Stone by stone Brick by brick I scorch the sand With thoughts Of The hear after Tradition If I sit In the same chair You sat in That’s tradition His X His X never said He could use her name To mark the spot 9 9+9=18 18+18=36 36+36=72 9+72=81 Once I was 81 Not no more Intransient He was intransient Until He found Out What The word meant Mobilize Mobilize Mobilize Mobilize The Greeks Are coming No Title OH, childhood Find your nipples And ride the high tide Of growth Of secular Petals There are Blossoms Travel Guide Never go to Dublin London Paris Madrid Or Rome by yourself Male Talk Header & footer He’s a beauty

Basil King,born in London,England before World War 2, has been painting for over seven decades and writing since 1985. He does both in Brooklyn where he has lived since 1969. His art and poetry are most recently celebrated in the special limited edition After Thought from Granary Books,2022.